Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Campers

So I definitely don't get the award for the most on-time blogger. John's been begging me to post our camping pictures since Pioneer Day. Anyway, we went camping at Hope Campground up Provo canyon. We were dying to try out our new tent and sleeping bags (thank you George W. Bush for that wonderful tax rebate!) Here are some pics from our trip:

We saw this deer right next to our camp site

Our beautiful tent! Actually the ground was a little bit unlevel, so it's much nicer than it looks....and it's seriously huge!
One happy camper!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

We've been a little sick...

So we've been a little sick at our house lately; in fact, we have been down-right ill. We have Olympic Fever! I LOVE the Olympics. Especially the summer olympics. I love watching the swimming and I am a huge women's gymnastics fan. This year I've done it right- I started watching the women's team earlier in the season starting with nationals and then the trials ( sad, I know.) I think Shawn Johnson is an incredible and inspiring athlete- I really think she can take the gold. Anyway, last night we saluted the opening ceremonies in Beijing by ordering a ton of Chinese food. However, we were so disapointed to find that none of the chinese restaurants in Provo have pork and seeds. I have never been to a chinese restaurant that doesn't have them. Is that weird? I seriously thought they were totally chinese? Anyway, we hunkered in with our take out to watch the opening ceremony and we were completely blown away. John especially loved the performers with the suits that lit up. I really liked the cute little chinese girl who sang with the piano player and the cheesy chinese cheerleaders during the parade. Those chinese are pretty incredible- but it's gonna be TEAM USA!!!