Monday, September 28, 2009

Where we are NOW

Wow- So many things to catch up on. I have been a total blogger slacker, and now I hardly know where to start with an update...We have had an interesting and yet, amazing summer. Right before graduation in April, we moved to a little duplex in American Fork right up by the temple. John started working building houses with his Uncle Matt, and I took a much needed break. We planted a great little garden and started teaching a little primary class. We absolutely loved being in American Fork and had so much fun discovering new places and fun things to do. Mostly, it was just nice to get out of Provo! We especially loved the cute little movie theater in AF- aka "the sticky." We spent quite a few nights there grabbing a movie with friends. We also spent time cooling off in the fun pool at the AF rec center. Oh- and we made probably a dozen or so trips back to Idaho to see our families and do lots of boating!

During this time, I was looking for my first real job out of college-not an easy thing to find in this economy. Anyway, the plan was for us to stay in American Fork and for John to commute to Provo for school in the fall. In July- two things happened. The first is that I received a couple of job offers. Finally! I decided to take an offer with Wasatch Mental Health working in Youth Outpatient. The second is our great friends, the Harrisons, announced they were moving to Atlanta, Georgia. We were seriously bummed to see them go...but they did have a great apartment in Orem. With John going to school at BYU and me working in Provo, it only made sense for us to shorten our commute. So we packed up our stuff, said goodbye to AF and headed to "The Harrison House." Luckily, the Harrisons had been kind enough to leave behind a great garden for us. Thanks guys!

We love our new ward and our close proximity to Krispy Kreme! So for now, we're settled in with school and work and trying to enjoy the little time we get together. John goes to school around 7 am and usually comes home around 10 pm. We try to at least take a quick dinner or lunch break together once or twice a week, which just means we've been eating way too much Costa Vida. I'm working full time at Wasatch and enjoying putting to use the things I learned at BYU and in my internship. It's nice to have all that schooling finally pay off! Well, that pretty much sums things up for now...