Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conference Weekend

What a crazy week! Between work and school, John and I have been kept pretty busy. Casey and her friend Brittany spontaneously came to stay with us this weekend. We were so excited to have them come visit and hope they come again soon. While they were here, of course we did lots of shopping and hit up a chick flick! Saturday night we had a lively dinner with Joey, Hunter, Casey, and Brittany. We had homemade Cafe Rio burritos and the college girls even learned how to make them. They were in awe of my newlywed domestic skills the whole weekend; it was pretty funny. They both have missionaries they are waiting for, so they loved seeing a happy ending. Sunday John made us yummy crepes for breakfast while we were watching conference. He is getting pretty good at crepes; especially considering we don't have an actual crepe pan. We all just lounged in our pajamas watching conference together before we put the girls on the road. In between sessions the Parks stopped by for a quick visit. We didn't get to talk to them for long, but we are super excited because we are going to a football game with them in a few weeks! Tonight we have a pot roast in the oven (smells amazing!) and we're having Joey over for dinner. He called and said he's got bunches of laundry to do. All in all, a pretty good weekend!