Monday, March 2, 2009

Son of a Bachelor!

OMG! I am shocked. stunned. baffled. disgusted. ( I would say that I am speechless, but seriously who am I kidding?) Who does Jason Mesnick think he is? Sure, the guy's good-looking and the whole single dad thing is truly admirable, but his qualifications for god's gift to women end there. It takes some serious moxie to play with two women's hearts for an entire season, pick one disgard the other, spend weeks being engaged, and then announce on national television (in high definition!) that he simply made a mistake! This is the Bachelor people, show a little dignity! I mean, let's be honest, as much as we LOVED Melissa did we really expect this reality TV relationship to go the distance? No. We were all waiting to stumble across their People Magazine break up cover story in the grocery aisle six months from now. But never in a million years did I think I would go down like this. Poor Melissa! I just have to say a few things about Melissa- and by doing so I'll have to admit another seriously embarassing guilty pleasure of mine, but humilation seems to be the theme for the night so what the heck! I used to watch the super lame show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: making the squad (laugh all you want) and Melissa was one of the cheerleaders. I found her completely endearing. 1.) She reminds me of my sister- luv ya cas! 2.) Really great hair- she's shown us all just how cute rockin the ponytail can be 3.) wouldn't we all love to be that gorgeous, nice, funny, etc? Mark my words Mr. Mesnick, you really dropped the ball on this one. Big Mistake. Now I find myself completely distressed and wanting to ship all sorts of heartfelt support to Melissa in the form of Ben & Jerry's. Any thoughts on where I should ship it to? To Melissa c/o Jason & Molly Mesnick- fat chance. Guess I'll just have to send it straight on to Dallas. On second though, it'd probably just arrive in a melty, irrepairable soupy mess...kinda like Melissa's heart. Son of a Bachelor!