Saturday, August 7, 2010

What's your secret?

Have you ever stood in the middle of the make up aisle, completely panicked by all the choices? I definitely have. I mean, for some girls, a big store like Sephora is heaven on earth but it's enough to send me into a panic! So last week when I was scraping the bottom of the foundation bottle, I had that old familiar feeling of dread about having to select a new foundation. Thankfully, it was facebook to the rescue. Great friends responded with their favorite foundation choices and I was saved! The field narrowed from hundreds of possibilities to a few manageable choices- that I can deal with. Seriously, it saved my life that week! In fact, it was such a success that I want to try it again- but not just with foundation. So I'm asking you: What are your favorite beauty products? Post your top choices in the comments section, so we can all enjoy a little friendly girlie advice!
On Thursday, I had so much fun serving as a judge for the Miss Idaho Falls pageant. This was my first time judging and it was pretty exciting to be behind the scenes, rather than being a contestant! There were so many talented contestants and they were really fun to watch! I was also able to see Ali Christensen give up her title that night. This was really special, because I have helped Ali prepare for pageants; it was nice to be able to see her finish things. She is an incredibly sweet, beautiful, and sincere girl and I wish her good luck in all her future plans! Along with Ali, I was able to see lots of old pageant friends that I don't run into as much as I would like to. And of course, I helped choose the new Miss Idaho Falls- Kelsie Roper! Kelsie was an absolutely AMAZING contestant and will represent Idaho Falls well throughout her year and at state.