Saturday, August 7, 2010

What's your secret?

Have you ever stood in the middle of the make up aisle, completely panicked by all the choices? I definitely have. I mean, for some girls, a big store like Sephora is heaven on earth but it's enough to send me into a panic! So last week when I was scraping the bottom of the foundation bottle, I had that old familiar feeling of dread about having to select a new foundation. Thankfully, it was facebook to the rescue. Great friends responded with their favorite foundation choices and I was saved! The field narrowed from hundreds of possibilities to a few manageable choices- that I can deal with. Seriously, it saved my life that week! In fact, it was such a success that I want to try it again- but not just with foundation. So I'm asking you: What are your favorite beauty products? Post your top choices in the comments section, so we can all enjoy a little friendly girlie advice!


Sarah and Trent said...

Rissa!! How the heck are you? I like the new 'Lash Blast' Mascara from seems to work really well. And I agree, buying makeup stresses me out, and I end up buying way too much!

Mary Gibb said...

I get so stressed about makeup as well! I used to not wear much, but Gerald took me to Mac and bought me all new makeup when we were engaged (a not so subtle hint, maybe) and now I wear it every day. I love MAC but it is kind of expensive for some things, I think the powders are worth the extra money. They are ground to a finer powder and so I think they go on better and look better. I use mineral finish powder and eye shadows powders from them. I also love their brushes but if we find anything that works as well for cheaper I am ready to jump ship!

Rebekah said...

HEE HEE! I LIVE to shop for make-up! Living California and being able to go to the HUGE amazing stores out here has been a dream come true for me. =)

When we have a little extra money, I LOVE MAC powders, Ulta has THE MOST awesome mascara EVER called "Two-Faced" and a special eyebrow compact they make themselves. I've NEVER used better stuff! Sephora has the most awesomeliquid liner I LOVE. Mary Kay has my fave lip colors and lip liners that stop the bleeding and moisturize fabulously and their brushes are fabulous, Estee Lauder has the best facial moistizer that smells SO yummy and helps make-up not crease by the middle of the day, which we all dread as women.

But under tight circumstances, I love the CoverGirl Cream-to-Powder compact, REVLON four color eyeshadow, and Maybelline brow pen and Lash Stilleto Mascara. =)